Causes and Effects of the Texas Revolution

This was the motto for the Texas army at the Battle of Gonzales.

Battle of Gonzales

                       Causes                                   Effects
  •  Mexico and Texas became angry at each other and wanted to fight each other
  • Started the Revolution
  • led to many more battles 
This is the fort where the Siege of Bexar took place.

Siege of Bexar

                     Causes                                     Effects
  • the Battle of Gonzales was over and this was the second battle
  • more battles in San Antonio
  • made General Cos surrender to Texas
This is the Alamo in San Antonio.

Battle of the Alamo

                      Causes                                         Effects
  •  The second battle was over. This was the third, no one had won yet
  •  Many Texan and Mexican army men died
  • not as many still to fight in the next battle
This was a fort at the Battle of Goliad.

Battle of Goliad

                  Causes                                          Effects
  •  fourth battle of the revolution- no one had won yet
  • Texas lost over 100 soldiers
  • Mexico became confident in their next battle
This is people fighting at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Battle of San Jacinto and the arrest of Santa Anna

                Causes                                           Effects
  •  fifth and final battle and no- one had won yet
  •  Texas army led by Sam Houston captured Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty forfeiting the war

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