Empresarios of Texas

Empresarios                                                                                                     What they did

Stephen F Austin
  •  Brought the first anglo-american families to Texas
  • The families were called the Old 300
  • He was the most successful empresario
Green DeWitt
  • Brought families to Gonzales
  • Brought 400 families to Texas
  • Issued 160 titles of land

Martin De Leon                     

  • He brought families to Victoria, Texas
  • He brought Mexicans into Texas
  • He settled between 100-200 families along Guadalupe river
Benjamin W Edwards
  •  Offered Cherokee Indians the area between the Red River and the Rio Grande west of the Old San Antonio road
  • Led around 30 men into Nacogdoches and proclaimed the republic of Fredonia
This is the letter giving Stephen F Austin permission to start bringing the first anglo-american settlers to Texas.
The old 300 is when Stephen F Austin traveled to Mexico to ask the president if he could bring 300 families to Texas. Stephen was an empresario which meant he was a land agent who brought people to new land where they could live.
This is Stephen F Austin, he was the most succesful empresario in Texas history.

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