Texas Revolution Home Page

The Texas Revolution was a war between Texas and Mexico. Texas wanted freedom and Mexico wanted the land that Texas had. There was a lot of arguments and disagreements between the two sides before the war even started. The actual war started on October 2, 1835 in Gonzales, Texas. The Battle of Gonzales was the starting battle of the Revolution. There were many battles in the war and Texas finally won the war on April 21, 1836 after capturing much of the Mexican army and their leader, Santa Anna. Once Sam Houston, the General of the Texas army, captured Santa Anna he forced him to sign a treaty ending the war. Texas had finally gained freedom from Mexico!

This is the Alamo. It is where the Battle of the Alamo took place. That was one of the most famous battles of the revolution.

Map of the Alamo

This is a map of the Alamo. It shows what the Alamo looked like and where everything was located. It even shows you where  some people of important history were killed.

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