Battles of the revolution

The Battle of Gonzales: This was the first battle of the Texas Revolution. It was on October 2, 1835. Texas won this Battle. This was important because it started the war.

Siege of Bexar: This battle was on December 5, 1835 in San Antonio Texas. Texas won the Battle. This battle was important because it was the first battle in San Antonio, Texas' most important city.

Battle of the Alamo: This battle was on February 23-March 6, 1836 in San Antonio Texas. This was the first battle of the revolution that Mexico won. This is the most remembered battle of the revolution. It is also where a lot of the famous people died, like Davy Crockett, James Bowie, and William B. Travis. The Texans fought hard but were extremely outnumbered, between 180-250 for Texas to 6,000 for Mexico.

Battle of Goliad (Coleto Creek): This battle was on March 19, 1836 in Goliad Texas. Mexico also won this battle. This was also important because a lot of Texas and Mexican army men got killed, including James Fannin and his group of 400 soldiers.

Battle of San Jacinto: This battle was on April 21, 1836 in San Jacinto Texas. Sam Houston was the general of the Texas army when they captured Santa Anna, the general of the Mexican army, and won this battle and the whole war. When they captured Santa Anna, Sam Houston decided not to execute him. Instead he made Santa Anna sign a treaty forfeiting the war. Therefore Texas won the battle and the war. They were now free from Mexico, and they were their own country.

This is the Alamo, it still stands today in San Antonio Texas.

The Battle of Gonzales        Siege of Bexar                Battle of the Alamo              Battle of Goliad             Battle of San Jacinto 
  Oct. 2, 1835                   Dec. 5, 1935                   Feb. 23-Mar.6, 1836             Mar. 19, 1836                   April 21, 1836 

                                  Time Line Of The Texas Revolution

Mexican General Santa Anna surrendering to the wounded Sam Houston after the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836.
This is a plaque of all of the people that died at the Battle of Goliad.
This is a letter that Stephen F Austin wrote to general James Bowie before the Battle of the Alamo.

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